eNexus Oy provides temperature-controlled transportation and specializes in e-commerce logistics. The vision of eNexus is a customer-driven international Last Mile transportation network that combines goods flows and services to the recipient in one go. eNexus’s aim is to generate a diverse portfolio of service products that can provide a competitive, efficient, high-quality, environmentally friendly distribution channel for home doors, plus return logistics. Fetch is eNexus’s LastMile e-commerce service that offers a new level of delivery in urban areas.

OGOship Oy is a new 3PL company (third party logistics) that combines all services required by small and medium-sized e-commerce companies into a single entity with clear and transparent pricing. OGOship’s aim is to develop its own online service into a logistics platform that effectively combines a variety of operators to deliver the 3PL services that customers need. In the future, a small player can quickly and easily enter the global value chain with the platform provided by OGOship.

Hakonen logo

Hakonen Solutions Oy is a company specializing in service logistics, it delivers goods to homes and businesses and provides services for in-house flow of goods .Hakonen’s vision is to develop and commercialize product lifecycle management services concerning a variety of goods that are difficult to transport to and install at end-customers’ homes or businesses. The goal is to create a scalable service offering for Finland and then to use its best-performing concepts for the international market, first to other Nordic countries and Estonia.

University of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki is the oldest and largest institution of academic education in Finland. The University of Helsinki is building a more sustainable world by involving itself actively in the resolution of global problems. The Centre for Consumer Society Research studies the development of the consumer society from the perspectives of societal structures and consumers. The centre makes critical use of participatory methods in its research work, conducts action research, and supports development of innovations by means of research.

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VTT, the Technical Research Centre of Finland is the largest multitechnological applied research organization in northern Europe. We drive sustainable growth, tackle the biggest global challenges of our time, and turn them into growth opportunities. We go beyond the obvious to help the society and companies to grow through technological innovations. VTT is at the sweet spot where innovation and business come together.

VTT – beyond the obvious.