Blog posts

– Technological solutions for the change in consumer distribution and e-commerce in English and in Finnish

– How do we get the goods at home in the future? Four stories of consumers from the year 2030 in English and in Finnish


Conferences and seminars

– Annual Logistics Research Network Conference (online), 9th of September (U.K.,  organized by Cardiff University). Paper presentation entitled: “Prerequisites of e-commerce platforms”.

– Fifth New Business Model conference (online), 1 -2 July 1 & 2 2020, (the Netherlands, organized by Radboud University). Paper presentation entitled:  “Consumers in Circular Economy – Focus Group Method as a Way to Understand Acceptance of New Business Models”.

– Twenty-first International Working Seminar on Production Economics, 24-28 February 2020, Innsbruck (Austria) Emerging digital technologies as enablers for renewal of last-mile distribution logistics solutions

ISPIM Innovation Conference, 16-19 June 2019, Florence (Italy) How to create a sustainable value proposition in logistics?


Press releases

OPEN MODE project co-develops new logistics solutions and services for consumers in English and in Finnish